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Professional Negligence

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Legal Leaders in Professional Negligence

Bradley Bayly Legal has extensive experience in conducting claims for clients who have suffered as a result of professional negligence or other serious injury by accident. Professional negligence claims are generally complex and require skilled and experienced lawyers to conduct the legal action.

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If you believe you have a suffered a loss as a result of professional negligence, your next step should be to seek legal advice over what has happened.

What can I claim for?

Areas where you may be able to make a claim against a professional include where the professional provided you with:

  • misleading or bad professional advice;
  • errors in accounting;
  • mistakes in engineering services;
  • misrepresentation in a real estate transaction; or
  • incorrect valuations for a property.

The team at Bradley Bayly Legal will provide you with an obligation-free consultation and advise you on how viable your claim is, as well as what can be done about it.

Often in cases of professional negligence, people tend to blame themselves, thinking their loss was due to their own lack of experience. These things shouldn’t “just happen”. The truth is that many professionals have a duty of care to provide you with the best guidance possible.

Where a duty of care exists by the professional to you, generally there are legally required minimum standards which the professional’s duty of care must meet when advising you.


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If you have suffered a financial loss due to poor professional advice, we can help.

Making a claim requires you to prove that the professional:

  • owed you a duty of care;
  • didn’t do their job to an expected or required standard; and
  • caused you to suffer a financial loss as a result.

By law, all professionals must have professional indemnity insurance, which pays for any professional negligence claims against them.

Bradley Bayly Legal is highly experienced in professional negligence claims. We know how to structure your claim in the best possible way, so you can be confident that you will receive an excellent outcome.

The amount of compensation paid where a professional negligence claim is successful varies on the specific circumstances and can include lost profits you lot and any expenses you incurred whilst trying to remedy the professional negligence. As a rule of thumb, the amount you are paid should return your financial position to the same as it was before you suffered the financial loss.

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