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Personal Injury Specialists

The team at Bradley Bayly Legal are dedicated to fighting for the rights of people who have been injured

Our skilled and compassionate lawyers work hard to ensure every client receives the compensation they deserve.  We are sensitive to clients’ needs throughout the process and navigate the complex legal process without causing additional stress for our clients.

If you have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence and have made a claim, please  contact our office on +61 8 6279 2900 to arrange a free consultation.



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The team at Bradley Bayly Legal have been achieving excellent compensation outcomes for almost 25 years, at times obtaining record settlement amounts for clients.

When choosing the right lawyer to represent you during your time of need, you should consider the reputation of the firm and their track record of success in delivering desirable outcomes to clients.  But how do you choose when generally all you can do is rely on the word of the firm telling you how good they are – especially when the difference between an ‘OK’ choice and an excellent choice of lawyer can cost you so much in lesser compensation?  Simple – you look at what independent experts say.  Experts who rate law firms and lawyers based on independent research.  “The experts” at Doyle’s Guide for the best personal injury law firms rate Bradley Bayly Legal as experts in the specialised and highly complex legal field of personal injury claim compensation.

Bradley Bayly Legal are very proud of the outcomes we have achieved.  We are even prouder that our achievements have been recognised by Doyle’s Guide, a nationally and internationally recognised authority which lists independently researched rankings of leading Plaintiff-focused law firms practicing in the WA legal market within the areas of:

  • Work injury compensation and WorkCover matters;
  • Medical negligence and malpractice compensation;
  • Public liability matters; and
  • Motor vehicle accident compensation, car crash and road injury matters.

Doyle’s Guide has rated Bradley Bayly Legal with the highest recommendations possible for a personal injury law firm.  The law firms and solicitors published in the Doyle’s Guide ratings have been identified by the state’s defendant insurance lawyers for their expertise and abilities in representing their clients.

Leading law firms are those who consistently draw the praise of both clients and peers.

Bradley Bayly Legal’s reputation and proven track record for delivering successful personal injury outcomes in the personal injury legal field is unparalleled and speaks for itself.

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