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Child Sexual Abuse Claims

Bradley Bayly Legal has extensive experience in acting on behalf of survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Child sexual abuse claims can be complex, so require experienced and empathetic lawyers to conduct the legal action.

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Working with our clients

Our specialist team understands that many abuse survivors are in a fragile state, so work tirelessly to ensure that all matters are run in an empathetic and respectful manner.

Each client’s situation and claim is unique. We will make the time to listen to your story so that we can act on your behalf to help you access compensation and acknowledgement for the harm you suffered.

Our job is to make sure the compensation process is as easy for you as possible, and to achieve the outcomes that are most important to you and your loved ones.

What can I claim for?

Our expert service covers a range of abuse claims, which includes matters where abuse was suffered within:

  • After-school care centres
  • Child care centres
  • Church or Church-run institutions
  • Medical service centres and rooms
  • Public places
  • Schools
  • State and Federal Government Departments
  • The workplace
  • Universities

We believe that all survivors have the right to acknowledgement and justice. For more information about how to bring a claim for compensation or what you might be entitled to, contact the Bradley Bayly Legal Abuse Law team for a free consultation.


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